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Tel: +33 (0) 344 634 040
Fax: +33 (0) 344 630 240
Email: contact@kalibox.com
Address (HQ): ZA pre Dame Jeanne 60128 Plailly, France
Web: www.kalibox.com

Temperature Controlled Packaging Products


- Founded in 2001, Kalibox is a specialist in the design, manufacturing and qualification of temperature-controlled packaging for the healthcare market.

- Gathering expertise in the fields of packaging manufacturing, cold chain management and pharma logistics, Kalibox offers a leading portfolio of packaging to protect medicinal products during transportation. These packaging systems are specifically adapted for the pharma chain; from single use box shippers to pallet shippers and reusable containers.

- Kalibox has developed innovative solutions to meet the pharmaceutical market’s most demanding requirements, including innovative flat-pack shippers, cost effective +15/+25′C pre-qualified packaging and new cooling materials.

- Thanks to its strong expertise in cold chain management,  thermal mapping experience and a selection of the most advanced materials, Kalibox offers high performance packaging, aligned to customers expectations. All solutions are qualified and documented.

- In parallel, Kalibox has also developed its services and makes available to its customers, testing capabilities and know-how to accompany them along their cold chain projects in order to test, control, adapt or improve implemented solutions and processes.


- Kalibox testing laboratory is accredited by the COFRAC Institute (No 1-2187) according to the ISO/CEI/17025 standard for the qualification of temperature-controlled packaging. With this accreditation, the COFRAC Institute recognizes the quality and impartiality of provided results.

- The accreditation is a formal recognition, by an external and independent organsisation, of staff competence, of the applied methodology, of the monitoring of the entire measure chain and of the management of the organisation (traceability, data management and software). The accreditation is recognised in all countries. It is delivered by one organisation in each country. In France the accreditation organisation is COFRAC Institute (www.cofrac.fr), in Ireland (INAB), in Germany (DKKS) and in the UK (UKAS).

- The packaging qualification guarantees, with a high level of assurance, that a procedure can obtain pre established specifications, in a reproducible manner, when it is kept within the operating ranges or defined working conditions.


Product range

  • Temperature-controlled packaging
  • Flat-pack temperature controlled pallet shippers
  • Reusable insulated containers
  • Cooling travel bags
  • Cooling elements: gel packs and thermal regulated buffers (BRT™)
  • Phase change materials (PCM)

Pre-qualified +2/+8′C packaging and pallet shippers

- Pre-qualified +15/+25′C packaging and pallet shippers

- Pre-qualified dry ice packaging

 - Thermal testing services

- Thermal testing: Operational Qualification

- Shock testing: Operational Qualification

- Cold Chain packaging training

- On-going support during cold chain projects and PQ phases

High-pressure PUR injection lines to manufacture insulated shipping systems

- Processing lines manufacturing cooling devices and thermal buffers

- Processing lines to manufacturing PU panels fior shippers