New product Fridge-tag® 2 L

Fridge-tag® stands for accurate temperature control and easy operation. In the further development of the Fridge-tag® 2 to the Fridge-tag® 2 L, proven technology was paired with targeted additional benefits in the form of new functions.

The consideration of customer needs plays an important role in the development and is reflected in a more sophisticated product that we can offer you.

The most important news at a glance:
•Audio ALARM signal that is easy to hear
•PDF/A report with temperature curve up to 112 days
•Compatible with berlinger smartview®

The PDF/A document with the temperature data is automatically created when connecting the device to a computer / Mac without installing additional software. For the simple data storage and analysis, the Fridge-tag® 2 L can be connected to the data management system berlinger smartview®.

Whether for the storage monitoring of medicine cabinets, comprehensive clinical studies or for the storage and transport monitoring of food, with the new Fridge-tag® 2 L, the application areas for the effective cold chain control become even more universal.

Controlling and documenting your temperature-sensitive products has never been so easy!