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Address (HQ): Malvern House, New Rd, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 3DL, United Kingdom

Thermal Pallet Covers and Blankets used to protect temperature sensitive land, sea and air cargo.


TP3 designs and manufactures the SilverSkin™ range of Thermal Pallet Covers that are fast becoming the ‘controlled ambient’ protection of choice for the Pharmaceutical and Logistics Industries world wide.
With manufacturing facilities already established in Europe and Asia and the Americas on schedule for early 2014, SilverSkin™ and its qualified thermal performance, consistent quality and effective pricing, is increasing thermal protection for customers on a truly global basis.
In addition to our established product range, TP3 engineers, with a passion for thermal performance improvement, work closely with our customers to develop specific solutions that overcome temperature sensitive supply chain challenges.
TP3 Global remains totally committed to the continual development of leading edge materials made available through our SilverSkin™ product range. Our customers benefit from thinner and lighter Thermal Covers providing increased performance together with drastically reduced storage space requirements and improved shipping and administration costs.

About Us
With total focus on on thermal pallet cover solutions, TP3 has been able to develop products directly relevant to the changing GDP regulation changes of the pharmaceutical, perishable, logistics and airline sectors.
Customers include many of the global pharmaceutical and 3PL companies.

Our process is to:

  • TEST – new high tech materials for improved performance.
  • DESIGN – towards the needs of the industry – QA, operations and procurement.
  • MANUFACTURE – custom or standard products with consistent high quality.
  • SUPPLY – globally through a professional network of key distributors


TP3 Thermal Covers
‘Covers’ are regarded as single layer material (often less than 1mm thick) with lower cost to suit single trip journeys. They remove the requirement for return logistics but can be folded up into small packages if reuse is viable. Our ‘cover’ product line is SilverSkin™

TP3 Thermal Blankets
‘Blankets / Quilts / Shrouds’ are regarded as thicker multi-layer material units. Blankets tend to be more expensive and ideal where return logistics / closed loop operation is viable.

The SilverSkin range is ideal for thermal protection of controlled ambient pharmaceutical and healthcare goods, temperature sensitive perishables and electronics. All products in the range are designed to be highly reflective in direct sunlight and effective in delaying temperature change of protected freight.

  • SilverSkin™ PP100 – Single skin (light multi laminate) foil material, ideal for limited budget, single use.
  • SilverSkin™ PH300 – Single skin (medium multi laminate) reinforced foil material, ideal for single use or potential reuse.
  • SilverSkin™ PB500  - Foil backed double bubble wrap insulation. Ideal traditional ’single use’ (or potential reuse) reflective insulation.
  • PP100 – very lightweight – only really suitable for single use. Useful for provision of an effective basic thermal cover at low cost (although the material is highly reflective and performs well, the cost seems to be the main driver).
  • PH300 – heavier weight – slightly better insulation qualities. Potentially possible for reuse if not ripped or contaminated (typical customers tend to be more interested in the thermal performance and integrity of the material).
    A major advantage enjoyed by customers of both PP100 and PH300 is the very small storage space required. The result is far less space required in a warehouse compared to more traditional thermal blankets or thicker bubble wrap solutions. There are also savings in procurement administration with reduced order requirements.
  • PB500 – a thicker insulation capability and better performance. Suitable for customers who require a more traditional insulation solution (customers who have a limited budget but want reasonable insulation for general protection through the supply chain tent to procure PB500).