About Us

Translogic Cool Chain Solutions (TCCS) is part of the Ireland based International Airline Marketing Group of companies, comprising air cargo sales, specialist trucking, cargo handling and training divisions. +more

Established in 2013, TCCS is the authorised sales agent for a range of  specialist products designed to protect temperature sensitive and valuable cargo during transport.

All TCCS products come directly from well established and accredited manufactures and distributers in Europe. These client suppliers currently work with numerous world leading international pharmaceutical, bio-pharma and food companies. +more

The TCCS product portfolio includes bespoke and off the shelf specialist packaging solutions, a range of temperature loggers, monitoring devices and thermal covers plus a selection of approved testing kits for humans and animals. +more

Target customers in Ireland include manufacturing, distribution and export companies from the life sciences sector; including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals and diagnostics, clinical trials, agriculture and veterinary testing laboratories, hospitals, medical supplies, government departments, research organisations, food companies, freight agents and specialty couriers. +more

The launch of TCCS was influenced by a number of key factors:

  • Synergies with the IAM Group of companies (established in 1989).
  • The strong market position of the Irish pharmaceutical industry in Ireland.
  • Increased regulation (local and international) over cool chain logistics.
  • A need for greater product choice to protect temperature sensitive and valuable cargo.