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Secure testing bottles and kits for drug testing and bloods



About Us
Berlinger Special AG is a complete supplier of professional doping and drug control equipment. – In 1998 out of a niche product of Berlinger & Co. AG’s grew an independent subsidiary company.
We are a leading partner globally for secure, simple and lasting doping control, temperature monitoring and special solutions of the best Swiss quality.
Our staff offers you comprehensive specialist knowledge in the field of doping and drug control. Many years of experience gained from working with very different organizations and associations enables efficient and focused consultation and project development. Ultramodern production systems, standardized work processes and highly trained specialists ensure a consistently high production security.
Six areas of proficiency, a network of leading specialists, many years of experience and optimum production systems: an outstanding basis on which to implement customer-specific product ideas.



  • Sulzer Certificate BEREG-KIT
  • Sulzer Certificate BEREG-KIT small
  • Sulzer Certificate BEREG-Horse-KIT
  • Sulzer Certificate berlinger®lausanneKIT


  • WADA Brief/letter
  • IOC Brief/letter
  • FEI Brief/letter ISO-Certificates
  • ISO 9001:2008 certificate (English)
  • ISO 14001:2004 certificate (English)


At the center of Berlinger Special AG’s range of products and services is the BEREG KIT. It ensures the secure transfer of urine and blood samples, human and animal, from extraction to the laboratory. The BEREG KIT reliably prevents A and B samples from being tampered with after sealing. Any unauthorized attempt to open the bottles will destroy them or leave visible traces.
Originally developed in collaboration with the Swiss Olympic Association, this high-security bottle (certified by the independent Labor Sulzer Innotec AG) is supplied to all parts of the world including to big events like the Olympic Games, world championships, etc. and to national and international organizations and associations.
There are currently three different bottle systems available, which can be individually adapted or fitted with special accessories for transport and the laboratory.

The BEREG KIT’s safety concept:

  • Internationally recognized system
  • Certified security fastener
  • One KIT, one identification number
  • Easy-to-handle
  • Flexible in application

Drug testing for humans
Urine and blood samples taken from sportsmen and -women are valuable freight. On the way to the laboratory the highest security is essential. The certified BEREG-KIT offers a tamperproof complete solution. Various accessories are available to meet further needs, e.g. for temporary sealing or utensils for blood sampling. Moreover, individual marking with organization and association logos is also possible. We should be pleased to show you personally the practical advantages of the BEREG-KIT and to advise you about what it has to offer you.

BEREG-KIT for urine tests
The doping control system BEREG-KIT is completely secure and easy to handle. It is widely used in the field of urine sample collection in sports. This product is developed and exclusively produced by Berlinger Special AG, Switzerland.

  • BEREG-KIT full set
  • BEREG-KIT single set
  • Urine collection vessel
  • Partial Sample Sealing Versions

BEREG-KIT for blood tests:
The doping control systems BEREG-KIT small and BEREG-KIT small single are completely secure and easy to handle. They are widely used in the field of blood sample collection in sports.

  • BEREG-KIT small
  • BEREG-KIT small single for blood passport
  • Mini-KIT for screening on site

Drug testing for animals:
Medication and doping tests are part of the daily routine in the field of animal breeding and sport. An efficient, reliable control system assists local breeders, societies and clubs, etc., of all kinds with the secure transfer of animal urine and blood samples. In combination with suitable transport and temperature monitoring systems and accessories, an efficient complete system ensuring maximum security is at your disposal. We should be pleased to show you personally the practical advantages of the BEREG-KIT and to advise you about what it has to offer you.

BEREG-KIT for animals:
The doping control system BEREG-KIT for animals is completely secure and easy to handle. It is widely used in the field of urine or blood sample collection at various animal races or events. This product is developed and exclusively produced by Berlinger Special AG, Switzerland.

  • BEREG-Horse-KIT
  • BEREG-Horse-KIT 3-bottle-KIT

Security Container for workplace tests:
Police, border patrols, forensic medicine, schools, companies, etc. – to secure reliable evidence you need a secure, reliable system. The certified security systems offer testers and testers a secure basis for sound information-gathering. We should be pleased to show you personally the practical advantages of our kits and to advise you about what they have to offer you.We offer security systems with the following applications:

  • Security container for workplace – Urine Testing
  • Security container for workplace – Blood Testing
  • Security container for workplace – Forensic samples

These products are developed and exclusively produced by Berlinger Special AG, Switzerland.

Laboratories and transport equipment:
Organizations, associations, event organizers, breeders, laboratories, etc. – the requirements for the problem free conduct of doping, drug and medication tests are as varied as they are different. Berlinger’s various transport and analytical aids enable you to plan and set up your own individual testing and monitoring process. There is a selection of different cool boxes, including temperature monitoring, transport bags and sealing utensils and opening tools available.

berlinger®lausanne KIT:
When developing our brand new berlinger®lausanneKIT we again placed primary emphasis on our proven quality and security. We looked for the right plastic, devised a refined pre-sealing ring and, step-by-step, achieved the goal of moving into a lower price range with a modernized, one-of-a-kind twist cap. The berlinger®lausanneKIT: a new generation and dimension of high-security containers. We incorporated our clients concerns and requests into the new kit. The result is a modern, solid and high-security container with a cleverly devised pre-sealing system, high user-friendliness and – of course – the highest in Swiss quality.

HISTORY (the last 150 years)
Berlinger & Co. AG was founded in the year 1865 by Johann Jakob Berlinger (1813-1891). He constructed both the Berlinger main building in the middle of the village, where today’s offices are located as well as the mechanical cotton weaving mill further down the river Necker.
His son, Johann Georg Berlinger (1841-1900) made a career as a high ranking officer in the Swiss Army and was a member of the Swiss national parliament. Unfortunately he died far too young, at the age of only 59, in 1900. However, his early death prevented him to seeing the sad picture of his weaving mill being totally destroyed by fire in 1902. This was the most challenging stroke of fate in the history of the Berlinger Company.
Johann George’s son Paul Berlinger (1875 – 1941) had to find new ways of surviving during these difficult years and on top of this in a period where the world economic crisis and two world wars were involving large parts of the globe. Probably also due to those threatening circumstances he decided to follow in his fathers foot steps and became a colonel in the Swiss Army.
His son, Max Berlinger-Hilty (1911-1986), was not able to continue the military tradition due to a cardiac defect. Instead he was a very dedicated business man and politician. During the uncertain years of “World War II” he held the position of mayor of the village. His wife, Heidi Berlinger-Hilty (in her nineties, today she lives in an old people’s home in the neighbourhood) used to tell a lot about the meagre conditions and the fear they had during this difficult period of time. It demanded a lot of strength.
At the age of 20 in 1959, Jürg Berlinger, the first son of Max and Heidi had to enter the business due to an emergency. His father suffered from a heart attack. Jürg immediately showed his talents as a clever and successful business man. He was an excellent salesman and his creativity led him to many opportunities for entering in new business fields. He was well supported from the beginning by his charming wife Liselotte and his school-friend Karl Egli. They both helped to develop Jürg’s ideas and realize them. Karl Egli for example was the inventor of the currently famous BEREG-KIT. The successful trio used their skills to lead the company through the difficult years the 70-ies where many textile factories had to close their doors.
In 1992, daughter Andrea Berlinger, after completing her textile and commercial studies, joined the family business. 1997 her husband Daniel Schwyter followed. They helped to move the company’s main businesses to other seats. All together they managed to reorganize the company from traditional textile trading and manufacturing fabric to a modern, technologically skilled company. In 2008 Andrea and Daniel took over and now lead the company in the sixth generation.