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Temperature monitoring products


Today the name Berlinger stands for innovative technology and retail products. We are a leading partner globally for secure, simple and lasting doping control, temperature monitoring and special solutions of the best Swiss quality. – We, the sixth generation of Berlinger’s to head the company, are proud to be able to carry the values and traditions of our family business into the future. – Locations: Switzerland ; Indonesia; Russia; Sweden; Singapore; Saudi Arabia; South Africa; South Korea; Turkey; USA. ACCREDITATIONS (& Affiliations (ISO bodies)): Certificates – ISO 9001:2008 certificate Berlinger & Co – ISO 14001:2004 certificate Berlinger & Co

Berlinger & Co. AG specialises in different niche products. Quality, customer service and customer proximity are the common denominator. As an ideal addition to our comprehensive standard ranges, we offer you the possibility of making up products to meet individual requirements. In the development of new overall solutions and systems, based on special raw and standard materials and technologies, we support our customers with many years of experience. We provide six areas of proficiency, a network of leading specialists, many years of experience and optimum production systems Temperature monitoring:

Temperature monitoring systems: Reliable and seamless temperature monitoring is essential for comprehensive quality assurance. The transport of temperature-critical products especially is a challenge for all concerned, particularly when various companies are involved. Our temperature monitoring systems offer the highest security for quality management. You get specific answers to questions like “What temperatures were the goods exposed to during transport?”, “Were temperature limits exceeded while the goods were being loaded?”, “For how long was the optimum storage temperature fallen below or exceeded?” The optimum temperature monitoring system offers clarity, transparency and documentation for every delivery of your high-quality, sensitive products – easily and securely. Various systems are available to suit your personal requirements:

  • Freeze-tag® (Electronic Monitoring of the freezing point)
  • Q-tag® Quad (Multi-alarm shipping and storage temperature monitor)
  • Q-tag® CLm (Multi-alarm shipping and storage temperature monitor)
  • Q-tag® CLm doc (USB multi-alarm shipping temperature Monitor)
  • Q-tag® CLm doc R (Reusable USB Multi Alarm Monitor)
  • Q-tag® CLm doc L (Long time USB Multi Alarm Monitor)
  • Q-tag® CLm doc D (Dry-ice USB Multi Alarm Monitor)
  • Q-tag® 2/2R plus (Shipping temperature monitor (single use / reusable))
  • Fridge-tag® 2 (Storage temperature monitor with USB port)
  • Fridge-tag® (Storage temperature monitor)


HISTORY (the last 150 years)
Berlinger & Co. AG was founded in the year 1865 by Johann Jakob Berlinger (1813-1891). He constructed both the Berlinger main building in the middle of the village, where today’s offices are located as well as the mechanical cotton weaving mill further down the river Necker.

His son, Johann Georg Berlinger (1841-1900) made a career as a high ranking officer in the Swiss Army and was a member of the Swiss national parliament. Unfortunately he died far too young, at the age of only 59, in 1900. However, his early death prevented him to seeing the sad picture of his weaving mill being totally destroyed by fire in 1902. This was the most challenging stroke of fate in the history of the Berlinger Company.

Johann George’s son Paul Berlinger (1875 – 1941) had to find new ways of surviving during these difficult years and on top of this in a period where the world economic crisis and two world wars were involving large parts of the globe. Probably also due to those threatening circumstances he decided to follow in his fathers foot steps and became a colonel in the Swiss Army.

His son, Max Berlinger-Hilty (1911-1986), was not able to continue the military tradition due to a cardiac defect. Instead he was a very dedicated business man and politician. During the uncertain years of “World War II” he held the position of mayor of the village. His wife, Heidi Berlinger-Hilty (in her nineties, today she lives in an old people’s home in the neighbourhood) used to tell a lot about the meagre conditions and the fear they had during this difficult period of time. It demanded a lot of strength.

At the age of 20 in 1959, Jürg Berlinger, the first son of Max and Heidi had to enter the business due to an emergency. His father suffered from a heart attack. Jürg immediately showed his talents as a clever and successful business man. He was an excellent salesman and his creativity led him to many opportunities for entering in new business fields. He was well supported from the beginning by his charming wife Liselotte and his school-friend Karl Egli. They both helped to develop Jürg’s ideas and realize them. Karl Egli for example was the inventor of the currently famous BEREG-KIT. The successful trio used their skills to lead the company through the difficult years the 70-ies where many textile factories had to close their doors.

In 1992, daughter Andrea Berlinger, after completing her textile and commercial studies, joined the family business. 1997 her husband Daniel Schwyter followed. They helped to move the company’s main businesses to other seats. All together they managed to reorganize the company from traditional textile trading and manufacturing fabric to a modern, technologically skilled company. In 2008 Andrea and Daniel took over and now lead the company in the sixth generation.