IAM Group

International Airline Marketing Limited (Est.1989) 

Air-Cargo Sales Agent: IAM is Ireland’s largest airline General Cargo Sales and Service Agent (GSAA) Company. Representing numerous world leading airlines and managing over a quarter of the Irish export airfreight market, it forms the core of an expanding group, which includes cargo handling, air cargo road transportation and aviation training specialists.

– For more details see: www.iamair.com

International Trucking Consolidators Limited (Est.1995) 

Road Transport: International Trucking Consolidators Limited (ITC) is a specialist trucking company providing a comprehensive range of road transport services to the Irish freight industry and to companies distributing product into and out of Ireland. Established in 1995, ITC is now one of Ireland’s leading air – interline trucking specialists representing the trucking requirements of over world leading airlines.

– For more details see: www.itcair.com 

ITC Handling Limited (Est.2005) 

Cargo Handling: ITC Handling (ITCH) provides a dedicated air cargo handling service for client airlines, agents and trucking companies from premises located at the major airports in Ireland; Dublin, Shannon, Cork and Belfast. All warehouses are custom bonded and security approved by the Government Department of Transport.

– For more details see: www.itchandling.com 

Translogic Limited (Est.2002)

Specialist Training: Translogic is a specialist training company providing a range of IATA Dangerous Goods and specialist training courses. All courses are given by highly qualified, approved and experienced instructors. Translogic is approved and monitored by the Irish Aviation Authority. 

– For more details see: www.translogic.ie