NEW – Temperature Control Regulations

Transporting healthcare products by air requires complex logistical processes, specific equipment, storage facilities, harmonized handling procedures to maintain shipment integrity. ‚ÄčThe Temperature Control Regulations (TCR) is a comprehensive guide designed to enable stakeholders involved in the transport and handling of pharmaceutical products to safely meet the requirements.

Main features of the Temperature Control Regulations (TCR):

– Provides the requirements and standards for the transportation and handling of time and temperature sensitive healthcare products, including pharmaceutical product information

– Allows access to the current and most efficient practices for pharmaceutical operations in compliance with international or local regulations.

In the 2020 edition, there are a number of notable changes:

– Provides the pharmaceutical industry with specific business expectations in the TCR Chapter 17 when applying IATA Special Handling Codes;

– Enhances the requirements to include a 24h emergency contact and their coordinates to be specified on the Air Waybill;

– Includes amendments and updates to the IATA CEIV Pharma Guidelines and Audit Checklist.

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Source: IATA