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Single-use and re-usable thermal protection products for all modes of transport for pallets and parcels.


Softbox® SilverSkin™ is the manufacturer of the globally recognised market leading SilverSkin™ range thermal covers. With operations in EMEA, the Americas, India and Asia Pacific, we are strategically positioned to serve our customers on a truly global basis.
We are suppliers to global leading pharmaceutical, healthcare, logistics and perishable companies which has allowed us to build long standing collaborations and development of market leading products.

Softbox® SilverSkin™ manufactures a full range of single-use thermal protection products for all modes of transport for pallets and parcels. As pioneers in materials technology, we are constantly seeking to develop the next breakthrough product.


Pallet Covers
Silverskin™ thermal pallet covers help protect your temperature-sensitive products in transit.
As well as providing protection from the elements, SilverSkin™ thermal pallet covers slow down temperature exchange. They guard against short temperature spikes that can threaten your temperature sensitive products’ integrity, often experienced during loading and off-loading, cross docking and even the most demanding packing and warehouse conditions.

By effectively reducing temperature exchange during breaks in the cold supply chain, SilverSkin™ thermal pallet covers afford more time for your products to move between temperature-controlled points in the chain. This allows them to be transported or stored temporarily during shipping in uncontrolled temperature environments.

Manufactured from strong, flexible, protective insulation materials and available in grades to suit different performances and budgets, our portfolio comprises thermal pallet covers that offer high-performance insulation and thermal protection across all modes of transport. This helps keep temperature sensitive products safe within their specified ship to label-claims throughout the duration of their journey. Each innovative solution is designed to align with GDP regulations, minimise environmental impact and reduce stock wastage.

Air Cargo Covers
SilverSkin™ air cargo covers are designed to regulate temperature-sensitive cargo, keeping products safe within their specified label-claim limits or ranges throughout the duration of carriage.

Every product in the SilverSkin™ air cargo cover range is designed to protect and stabilise time- and temperature-sensitive freight during the entire air transportation process. This accounts for time on board the aircraft or against weather conditions encountered during downtime on the tarmac, or during loading and off-loading.

As pioneers in materials technology, Softbox® SilverSkin™ have the know-how and historical data to assist you through a factual and considered decision-making process, ensuring your chosen air cargo cover solutions will best serve your performance, shipping and budgetary needs.

Container Liners
Developed as an alternative to transporting temperature-sensitive cargo in ocean reefers, SilverSkin™ container liners are designed to minimise the risk of temperature differentials impacting temperature-sensitive freight transported in ocean containers.

Manufactured from high-performance insulation materials, SilverSkin™ container liners form a protective thermal barrier inside the shipping container. The liner performs several functions, including reducing the damaging effects of windchill, heat build-up resulting from UV-radiation, and moisture droplets, commonly known as ‘container rain’, contaminating product cartons.

SilverSkin™ container liners offer repeatable thermal protection for your temperature-sensitive ocean freight. In so doing, they help minimise product loss during shipping and compliance with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) shipping guidelines. Supplied pre-packed in shipping cartons, SilverSkin™ container liners offer ease of handling and palletisation, helping minimise storage space.

Box Liners

The SilverSkin™ range of protective box liners is designed to provide protection against exposure to extreme temperature spikes during shipping.

From despatch to receipt, SilverSkin™ thermal box liners protect against potentially damaging idle points in the cold chain. They offer a welcome safeguard to temperature sensitive freight during storage in non-temperature-controlled warehouses, whilst on the tarmac during loading and off-loading.

Rigorously tested in thermal chambers and real-life scenarios to help meet regulatory compliance needs, SilverSkin™ box liners also perform superbly throughout transit. Whether in aircraft holds or ocean containers, they help comfortably maintain ambient temperatures inside the box, preventing temperature excursions.